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Mirador is a top down, infinite hack-and-slash adventure game. Players explore a sci-fi, medieval universe where they must survive against powerful enemies with ever-changing sets of abilities and possible configurations. Several unique selling points which make Mirador a particularly unique title have not yet been revealed.

Mirador is currently in active development. For further content, please follow our social platform. For press-curated news, please subscribe to our press mailing list.


The idea for Mirador began floating around since early 2015 and prototyping began in late 2017, after the 1.0 launch of Castle Story


Check back soon for announcements!

Download all currently available logos, icons and images as a .zip (62MB)



Monetization Permission

You are welcome to create videos, livestreams fan-art and journalistic articles using footage and images from Mirador and are welcome to monetize the content you've created. For more details, please don't hesitate to contact us.


  • François Alain: General Director
  • Germain Couët: Artistic Director
  • Benoît Alain: Programmer, CTO
  • Gabriel Forbes: 3D Artist
  • Marie-Pier Cadorette: 3D Animator
  • Guillaume Ménard: QA Manager
  • Karl S.: Head of Communication & Marketing
  • Alexandre Séguin: Programmer
  • Annie Marcotte: Administrative Coordinator
  • David: Programmer
  • Frédéric Leblanc: Programmer
  • Kim Hutchison: Lead Programmer
  • Pascale Desjardins: Executive Director
  • Myriame Lachapelle: Project Manager & Communications
  • Jonathan Harvey: Project Manager
  • Maxime Léveillé: Programmer
  • Jessica Ye: Administrative Coordinator
  • Simon Roberge: Programmer
  • Benjamin Gattet: Integration Artist
  • Nicolas Barriere-Kucharski: Game Designer


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For business and press, please e-mail