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Montreal, Canada

Release date

26th July 2019


PC (Steam)



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Mirador is a co-op hack-and-slash adventure game set in a strange sci-fi universe! Between runs, you create and design your own boss character and send it online to fight other players. You then go on arena runs fighting player-made bosses to get awesome loot and build your own Sentinel!

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  • Design your own boss & send it online to challenge other players!
  • Fight other player's Sentinels (bosses) in online arenas.
  • Team up with your friends in online co-op.
  • Get loot to create your own Sentinel.
  • Gorgeous, unique and detailed game art.
  • Hand-tailored score by Vibe Avenue.
  • ASSETS PACK - Download all currently available logos, icons and images as a .zip (123MB)



    Monetization Permission

    You are welcome to create videos, livestreams fan-art and journalistic articles using footage and images from Mirador and are welcome to monetize the content you've created. For more details, please don't hesitate to contact us.


    • François Alain: General Director
    • Germain Couët: Creative Director
    • Benoît Alain: Programmer, CTO
    • Gabriel Forbes: 3D Artist
    • Marie-Pier Cadorette: 3D Animator
    • Guillaume Ménard: QA Manager
    • Karl S.: Head of Communication & Marketing
    • Alexandre Séguin: Programmer
    • Annie Marcotte: Administrative Coordinator
    • David: Programmer
    • Frédéric Leblanc: Gameplay Designer
    • Kim Hutchison: Lead Programmer
    • Pascale Desjardins: Executive Director
    • Myriame Lachapelle: Business Development & Comms
    • Marie Laurence Sauvé: Project Manager
    • Maxime Léveillé: Programmer
    • Jessica Ye: Financial Coordinator
    • Simon Roberge: Programmer
    • Benjamin Gattet: Tech Artist
    • Gabriel Turcotte-Dubé: Game Designer
    • Nicolas Barriere-Kucharski: Game Designer
    • Jude Baril-Bédard: UI/UX Designer
    • Marc-Antoine Joly: Level Artist
    • Francis Le: Accounting Coordinator


    For support, please use

    For business and press, please e-mail